Paolo Tosi
Full professor – Head of the laboratory
E-mail: paolo.tosi(at)
Tel: 0461 281557
Daniela Ascenzi
Associate professor
E-mail: daniela.ascenzi(at)
Tel: 0461 281596
Mario Scotoni
Guest researcher
E-mail: mario.scotoni(at)
Tel:  0461 281558
Luca Matteo Martini
Associate professor
E-mail: luca.martini.1(at)
Tel:  0461 28281685
Damiano Avi
Laboratory technician (part time)
E-mail: damiano.avi(at)
Tel: 0461 281641


Cintia Aparecida Pires Da Costa
Topic: Ion-molecule reactions in astrochemistry and for the study of space-technology materials
E-mail: cintia.piresdacosta(at)

Ph.D. Students

Marzia Faedda
Topic: Novel catalysts for plasma-assisted reforming processes (supervisor: Paolo Tosi)
E-mail: marzia.faedda(at)
Antoine Salden
Topic: Time-resolved detection of transient species in nanosecond repetitively pulsed discharges for CO2 conversion (supervisor: Paolo Tosi)
E-mail: toine.salden(at)
Sara Quercetti
Topic: Study and implementation of back current shunt for measuring voltage and current in nanosecond discharges (supervisor: Luca Matteo Martini)
E-mail: sara.quercetti(at)
Francesco Spadoni
Topic: Hydrogen storage in molecules (supervisor: Luca Matteo Martini, Paolo Tosi)
E-mail: francesco.spadoni(at)
Luca Maestri
Topic: Development of optical diagnostic techniques for the characterization of an H2/N2 plasma in EUV lithography devices (supervisor: Luca Matteo Martini)
E-mail: luca.maestri(at)
Matteo Michielan
Topic: Molecular Astrophysics: Challenging reactivity beyond the second period elements via ion-molecule reactions (supervisor: Daniela Ascenzi)
E-mail: matteo.michielan(at)
Nandana Pattathadathil
Topic: Physicochemical processes of formation and destruction of molecular compounds due to energetic reactions of single and multiple-charged ions and/or in electrical discharges (supervisor: Daniela Ascenzi)
E-mail: n.pattathadathil(at)

Temporary Research fellow

Sofia Perina
Topic: Plasma catalysis for nitrogen activation (supervisor: Paolo Tosi, Luca Matteo Martini)
E-mail: sofia.perina(at)
Mirco Rossi
Topic: Study of processes mediated by electrical discharges for the conversion of renewable energy into C-neutral fuels and raw materials using optical spectroscopy techniques (supervisor: Luca Matteo Martini)
E-mail: mirco.rossi(at)